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whut is a blog?

"A weblog or blog is a personal diary on a website that regularly, sometimes several times a day, is kept updated. Usually these are the texts that appear in reverse chronological order. 

The author, also known as the blogger, in fact, provides a log of information he or she wants to convey to his or her audience.

Usually it is text, but sometimes pictures (a photoblog), videos (vlog), or audio (podcast). Blogs often offer their readers the opportunity - anonymously - to post reactions among the messages or leave a comment via a trackback mechanism.

It is the personal or the specialized nature of the weblogs that is interesting for visitors.

Since late 2006, micro blogging became popular, a combination of blogging and instant messaging. The best-known site for this is Twitter. There are clones, such as Jaiku and Tumblr."

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